Trail Running…

In the last weeks all I have seen and talk about is trail running. I have a few friends that are training for Gran Trail Peñalara,  this is a race that goes through the mountains between Madrid and Segovia and the distance to cover is 110km, as you can imagine is tough one. Here is a video of 2011 edition



If you like trail running you already know Killian Jornet, he is one of the best trail runners probably the best, but is not the only one there are a few more top runners. One of them is Ryan Sandes from South Africa here you can see a video of him, quite impressive



In one of my sessions surfing in internet and searching for new videos I found this video about a race in Japan, is really beautiful and as usual the Japanese people take care about the nature of them lands. Is so good to know that not only in Europe or America there are races like this. I love Japan may be for this reason, find this race makes me really happy hahahaha.



As usual here is the song of this post, this one really push me.



Change the way a train my run

Hi All

Recently I decide to change the way that I’m training my run. Before I was making the trainings plan by myself. Now I have a trainer that make the training plan for me, he is a profesional I have started this week so right now I can not tell much. I can only say that he has already trained a few friends of mine and all of them have achieved them goals. Obviously those goals were achieviable but really difficult to achieve at the same time., in summary were  CHALLENGE.

As most of you know I have a Gopro Hero3, that I have recently buy it, unfortunately I so busy to edit the videos that  I have taken.

Surfing in internet i have found this extraordinary accessory for the GoPro but it´s also so expensive, at least for me.


As usual here you have a video music, this soon always give to me positive thoughts and a smile appears in my face.


Have fun and keep Training


2013 Here I come again…….

Happy New year!!!!

Sorry for this longer period without new post. This year is going to be great, full of new projects, adventures to do and more things, and I will try to share them with you guys throught this blog that I will keep update.

One of the presents that I got this Xmas is the new goPro Hero3. Very soon you will see videos recorded with this incredible camera.

Here you have a video that I really like it.

And as usual some music.


See you in the next post



Gopro HERO3 and more

21 octubre 2012 6 comentarios

Hi all

This week appears in the market the new Gopro Camera called HERO3. This one is really a great advance from the previous one. The launch video of the product is AMAZING!!!!


Really thinking abut to buy this one. I will put in my wish list for Xmas ;-P

This weekend I’ve training in the mountains around Madrid doing some trail running, good fun and great views. Also I used for the first time my new bag from Salomon S-lab 12 when I have used more I will write a post about it but now I can say that first impression is really good.


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Buenas paisanos

Ahora vuelvo en septiembre, como los niños al colegio con ilusión y nuevos proyectos.

Al final caí en la oposición, pero bueno siempre existía esa posibilidad, lo importante es como reacciona uno y como de rápido te recuperas para poder seguir adelante. En mi caso fue un palo duro, pero el estar rodeado de gente que me quiere mucho y siempre esta a mi lado hizo que no fuera difícil y ahora ya estoy recuperado y preparándome para la siguiente con muchas ganas.

Ya lo decía Rocky (ver el video)

Como siempre aquí os dejo algunos videos chulos y algo de música

Hasta la siega

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This video motivates me

This kind of video always motivates me, I hope they motivate you too!!!

Enjoy and keep training!!! ;-P

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Firefighter POV

Hopefully one day I will record a similar video 😛



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